Is Manoj Bajpayee inclined towards family subjects like ‘The Family Man’ and ‘Gulmohar’? The actor reacts – Exclusive


Manoj Bajpayee who’s largely known for his ace performances in ‘Satya’, ‘Aligarh’, ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ amidst some really long list of impressive work in his filmography, is seen in some really different subjects in recent times. The actor had dropped a video saying he’s coming with his family and fans got excited as they thought a new season of ‘The Family Man’ will be out.
But, he surprised everyone with the first look and trailer of ‘Gulmohar’. The film sees the actor with an impressive ensemble including Sharmila Tagore, Suraj Sharma, Simran among others. During an interview with ETimes, the actor was asked if he’s inclined towards subjects which have family or emotions at the core. The actor responded, “I don’t think any actor is actually looking for anything particular. We are open to scripts and offers. Either you feel excited after reading something, you desperately want to be a part of that world or either you don’t like it. It’s a very instinctive decision. If it’s engaging, I want to be a part of it and don’t want to let it go at that point, I say yes to it.”


The actor also has a very complex character in ‘Gulmohar’ along with an arc. Ask him if it was challenging and he says, “Portraying the character in different situations was challenging. My character is living his life on tenterhook. He is someone who’s asserting himself. He feels that he’s not being heard but at the same time he’s unable to gauge the other family members’ problems. There are too many other layers that he’s finding difficult to cope with. But at the end of the day, you have to do a character well. That’s our job. We laugh, we are happy on the set, but we are there for a job, but that’s something one has worked on. I have a habit of going through scripts again and again, and that gives you clarity – not just about your character but also a lot of other characters.”
‘Gulmohar’ is set to release on March 3. Watch the full interview below:

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